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International job search, overseas jobs, executive career change management and targeted executive resume writing / resume distribution services in Asia, Europe, USA, Africa, Canada, Middle East, Latin America and Australia.


International job search is an executive search firm that provides career change planning and assists management executives to find overseas jobs. We and our career associates are continuously contacting employers, major executive search and headhunter firms to monitor international jobs and career opportunities overseas. We know how to locate international jobs, quickly! Many successful executives would like the opportunity to work overseas and to further their career. The problem is how does a busy executive find an executive international job in an overseas employment market thousands of miles away and in a different time zone? If you are currently employed in a multinational corporation you will know that it can take years to be offered a job overseas in your desired international location. 

If you have traveled to the most favored international expatriate job locations i.e. London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney, Shanghai, Bangkok etc. you will have been struck by the number of expatriate executives living overseas and working in these cities.

Not all of these executives  were sent overseas by their current employers. Many individuals have been proactive with their career and have engaged career management firms such as international job search to find an overseas job in their preferred location. It takes local employment practice knowledge, contacts, persistence and a lot of hard work to find a new executive position. Alternatively, you can utilize the international executive career management services here at International Job Search.




















We work with executives targeting international jobs at a salary of US$100,000+. Our clients come from major multinationals, SME corporations and the not for profit sector. In fact we work with executives from companies large and small and across all management job functions. Over 60% of our executive job searches are in EMEA and Asia with the balance being in North America, Latin America and Australia. Established for over 10 years we are leaders in the Executive International Job Search sector.



















If you fall into any of the categories below you are advised to take the first step today and email your resume so that we can advise you on your international job and career management options;






employment services

Planning an overseas job search.

career change

Frustrated in your career, looking for greater challenge.

executive job search

Conducted an international career search unsuccessfully for 3 months or more.

international job search

Located in a country where sourcing international jobs is difficult.

international executive jobs

Underpaid considering your level of seniority and responsibility.

international executive resume writing

"Offered" employment overseas in an international location you do not favour.


Working for a new company/company taken over.

international employment

Feel your age may have an effect on your executive international job search.

international career

Planning an overseas career change or industry move and require expert international career management advice.

international expatriate jobs

Experienced a period of unemployment.

overseas jobs

Currently or previously have been self employed.

international executive job search

Utilizing a resume & cover letter that has uncovered few leads overseas.

jobs in asia

Frustrated by international executive search firms & headhunters.

jobs in asia Disillusioned with international executive job sites