3 reports that caught our eye the week of March 6, 2022

CareerWise is always on the lookout for the latest reports related to career development. Here are three reports that we found interesting this week.
Lost Opportunities: Measuring the Unrealized Value of Skill Vacancies in Canada (Conference Board of Canada and Future Skills Centre)
The unrealized value of skill vacancies in the Canadian economy rose from $15 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2020. Rising job
vacancy numbers and wage rates, as well as changes in the mix of jobs with vacancies, all contributed to this increase.
The relative earnings of individuals in designated visible minority categories in Canada across four workplace sectors (Statistics Canada)
In the commercial sector, negative earnings differences relative to White men were observed among men in several designated visible minority categories. The consistently low relative earnings among Black women in the commercial firm sectors is another result that stands out.
Finding the Right Job: A Skills-Based Approach to Career Planning (IRPP)
This study proposes a two-pronged approach to career guidance. The method consists of first determining suitable employment opportunities based on overlaps between the competencies, work activities and interests in a person’s current or most recent occupation and those in alternative occupations, then identifying the skills gaps that must be addressed to make these job transitions possible.
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