4 reports that caught our eye the week of March 13, 2022

CareerWise is always on the lookout for the latest reports related to career development. Here are four reports that we found interesting this week.
COVID Further Clouded the Outlook for Canadian Women at Risk of Disruption (RBC)
Almost half a million Canadian women who lost their jobs during the pandemic hadn’t returned to work as of January. Before the crisis, these women held a wide variety of jobs, but there was a common thread: Many worked, for modest pay, in the low-skilled service jobs that helped keep the broader Canadian economy humming along.
Volunteers and Decent Work: What’s the connection? (Ontario Nonprofit Network)
The growing pervasiveness of student placements and internships (paid and unpaid) in the nonprofit sector has brought new challenges to the mixed staff and volunteer engagement model. This blurring of lines between paid staff, volunteers, interns, and co-op students, combined with the lack of regulatory protections for volunteers, have led to the potential misclassification of workers and the misuse of volunteers.
Empowering People for Recovery and Growth: 2022 Skills Survey Report (BHER)
COVID-19 has shifted the skills employers are looking for. While human skills such as communication, empathy and the ability to work well with others are still as critical as ever, the demand for technical skills is growing.
Mental health-related disability rises among employed Canadians during pandemic, 2021 (Statistics Canada)
The proportion of employed women aged 16 to 24 years with a mental health-related disability was 17.2% in 2021. This was an increase of 7.6 percentage points from 2019, the largest increase of all major demographic groups.
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