April 2022 webinars for career professionals

The following webinars, taking place in April and hosted by a variety of organizations, will examine topics including career development and well-being, career mobility and using Instagram to boost student engagement with career services.
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Connecting Career Development and Mental Health for Youth (CERIC and BCCDA)
March 30, April 6 and 13
In this webinar series, Dr. Kris Magnusson will provide a framework for conceptualizing the connection between career development and mental health, describe career interventions/strategies that have proven to be effective in helping youth move from languishing to flourishing, and explore some simple techniques for collecting evidence on the impact of those interventions. Registered participants will receive a recording of each session, which will be available for one month following the series.
Guided Pathways (AWES) [Course]
Starting April 4
Guided Pathways is a federally funded online training and research project designed to equip career development practitioners with practical tools and resources to integrate Essential Skills and Skills for Success tools into practice. This free course consists of four weekly modules, including webinars, readings and activities.
Promoting Well-Being through Career Development in a Post-COVID Environment (CICA)
April 7
This session will focus on the role of career development and employment in promoting physical and psychological well-being for individuals with chronic health conditions. The Illinois Work and Well-Being Model (IW2M) will be introduced as a framework to guide career development and employment services.
Inclusive Economies for All: Tackling Systemic Barriers to Employment Faced by Immigrants and Refugees (World Education Services)
April 11
Participants will hear from subject-matter experts and policy-makers on steps state officials can take to reduce systemic barriers to occupational licensure for internationally educated immigrants and refugees.
How Building a Culture of Career Mobility Can Help Retain Talent (Harvard Business Review)
April 12
Multiple studies show that actively moving employees into different roles is one of the most underutilized, yet most effective, development and cultural enhancement techniques in companies today. Building a culture of mobility is a trait of very healthy organizations. So, how can organizations move in this direction?
Welcome to the Revolution: COVID, Careers and the Future of Work (CERIC, IPAC Toronto Region and OMHRA)
April 13
In this keynote address, Lisa Taylor – president of Challenge Factory and the Centre for Career Innovation, and author of the playbook Retain and Gain: Career Management for the Public Sector – will connect what is happening right now in our workplaces to workforce and career trends that have been emerging over time. Taylor will explain what this all means for courageous public sector leaders looking to recruit, retain and grow an inclusive, agile and equipped workforce.
Career Development: Higher Education, Evidence and Impact (DMH Associates)
April 27
This webinar will:

Examine key issues affecting higher-education careers and employability services in the UK, Ireland and further afield
Identify strategic and practical approaches to innovative careers service design and delivery
Discuss challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for careers services working with a diverse student population
Explore ways of strengthening the profile and impact of HE careers services now and in the future

Get the Interview! How to Use Job Boards, Be Effective and Stand Out (ACCES Employment)
April 27
Career practitioners may be interested in sharing this webinar with clients or students. This hands-on workshop will highlight best job application practices. Topics include effective use of job boards, contacting recruiters, organization tips and positive thinking.
The Age of Social Media: How to Use Instagram for Career Services Centers (NCDA)
April 28
In this presentation, Dr. Mary Edwin will discuss the importance of social media (Instagram in particular) in engaging students and encouraging them to connect with their career services centres. Dr. Edwin will discuss how to use Instagram to increase engagement of students in higher education.
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