Now is the time to innovate in career-connected learning

In May, I shared the article Career Connected Learning: Innovations in experiential learning from New Brunswick. Since then, I have reflected on whether our increased efforts to provide innovative career-connected learning may have been influenced by global events of the past two years. As we begin down the post-pandemic road, it is becoming more and … Read more

Skills development in a changing world of work

The nature of work is changing rapidly. As Canadians adapt, the skills development ecosystem is under pressure to adapt alongside them – ensuring that people are supported to thrive in their careers and that businesses have the talent and skills they need to succeed. The challenge Job polarization, digital transitions and labour shortages are all … Read more

Mentorship is critical to support reskilling and upskilling

As the pandemic continues, employers are seeing resignations from employees over work conditions, pay and the swaths of industries pivoting to digital automation. Workers have been compelled to think more critically about the next steps in their careers. According to Statistics Canada, 130,000 people have left the workforce during the pandemic, meaning they have chosen … Read more

Career-building strategies and challenges for new professionals

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of opting for an in-person rather than virtual way of working to develop a good network of contacts when starting a job with a new employer. I also presented a winning strategy to facilitate integration, namely adapting to the culture of our new employer. In this article, … Read more

Gratitude, self-compassion and growth mindset for new immigrant jobseekers

“You never know” is what I’ve been telling my job searching clients, when encouraging them to put more effort into outreach. Job searching is often unstructured (Van Hooft et al, 2013) and has no one-size-fits-all formula for candidates. Jobseeking effort does not always result in any progress, which can lead to feelings of stress and … Read more

How to tackle the ‘like me bias’ during recruitment

This article was originally published on the CPHR Alberta blog and has been reprinted with permission. In a 2020 interview, I was asked why organizations falter when trying to incorporate diversity efforts: “Diversity is not a marketing tool. You need to be ready to walk the walk. You have to acknowledge that it’s going to … Read more

Helping students embrace career uncertainty

Research has shown that post-secondary education leads to higher rates of employment and that most bachelor’s degree graduates secure full-time permanent positions within two to three years of graduation. While these statistics are promising for graduates, it is evident that these jobs were not secured overnight and that a degree is not always a quick … Read more

International job search: Canada and the rest of the world

In 2019, I was a Senior Recruiter in a multinational company located in Lebanon. Following an economic crash, I decided to re-create myself and transitioned to become an independent career practitioner who serves senior professionals.  Early on, I was able to support international jobseekers; my first few clients came from different countries such as Canada, … Read more

Career Connected Learning: Innovations in experiential learning from New Brunswick

High schools today are exciting and innovative places to learn. Students are learning in ways that were unimaginable five years ago. Further, it has been affirming and motivating to see the recent research from the OECD on career readiness. It indicates that students need to be actively engaged in exploring, experiencing and thinking about their … Read more

In conversation with Tristram Hooley: Cannexus, policy and social justice

The following is a conversation between Raza Abbas and Tristram Hooley about takeaways from CERIC’s Cannexus22 conference.  Interested in presenting at CERIC’s hybrid Cannexus23? The call for presenters is now open! Visit for details and submit your proposal by June 17, 2022. Abbas: Enlighten us with your virtual experience at Cannexus22 – Canada’s Career … Read more