Jumpstart – Start-up Graduate Programme – £32K

Want to start your career with impact? Jumpstart is the UK’s only graduate programme for start-ups. We select the best candidates & match you with the most exciting start-ups in the UK, where you’ll land a permanent role. You’ll also take part in interactive start-up training, and gain access to our alumni network, events, and mentorship.
Jumpstart is the UK’s only start-up graduate programme.
Jumpstart is a one-of-a-kind programme that helps graduates find full-time jobs in the most exciting start-ups in the UK. So far, we’ve placed over 100 graduates in start-up sectors such as tech, sustainability, the arts, health, and many more. How? We flip the job search on its head: when you take part in a Jumpstart cohort, the start-ups come and pitch their roles to you, so you can meet the founders and find the best fit for you.
Not only will you have front row access to these start-ups, but we will give you a week-long training start-up course before you start work, and provide mentorship, support, and a fast-growing alumni network (with plenty of networking and social events throughout the year) once you start work.
If you’re looking for a career where you can really make an impact, apply to Jumpstart for our April 2022 cohort.
How It Works:

Start-up pitches: each month we select 40+ of the most exciting, socially impactful, and best-paid start-ups to pitch to you.

Training: your cohort will include an interactive week of training, which will help you get up to scratch on invaluable topics such as start-up 101, problem-solving at work, and professional communication (100% of our graduates say that our training significantly exceeded their expectations!)

Fast track to interview: you then go straight to interview with the start-ups of your choice (and receive offers within just 2 weeks), with bespoke interview training and support from the Jumpstart team throughout.

Ongoing mentorship, support, and network: once you land a role, we provide the best bits of a corporate grad scheme including networking events, 1-1 mentorship, social events with your cohort, and further training. We have one of the fastest-growing alumni networks of incredible graduates in start-ups across the UK.

The Roles:
Whether you studied art history or astronomy, English or engineering, start-ups give you the skills and opportunity to thrive in a role that suits you! The most common roles our grads go into are:

Generalist (“Founders Associate”): work hand-in-hand with a start-up founder on strategic initiatives, marketing, operations, sales, and much more. This role is an exceptional opportunity for ambitious people who want to work hard, as you can quickly climb the ranks and form part of the senior leadership within a couple of years.
Operations: make the company run in the most efficient and strategic way possible, helping your start-up to disrupt their market. Ops people tend to be analytical and logical, but also highly pragmatic.
Marketing: communicate with customers to ensure your product or service is reaching the right people in the most engaging way possible. Marketing roles usually suit people who are people-focused and love coming up with creative ideas.
Business Analyst: are you detail-oriented, but enjoy finding ways of using data to see the bigger picture? Analysts excel at crunching the data to find unique ways to improve products, make business forecasts, and identify operational issues.

Not sure where you fit in? No problem! The Jumpstart team will be on hand to help you identify your strengths and find you the right role in the right start-up. What’s more, start-up roles are flexible by nature – so starting out in one thing may be the perfect stepping stone to something else.
Successful Applicants Are:

Highly proactive and willing to learn independently
Willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done
Excellent communicators (whether this is through storytelling or statistics)
Ready to work in fast-paced environments
Excited to disrupt traditional industries and prepared to help make it happen!

The job will be full-time, five days a week. All roles have a minimum salary of £30,000 (often with equity options on top!). 90% of our grads secure at least one role within 2 weeks.
How To Apply:
Step 1: Register in 30 seconds by clicking ‘apply now’
Step 2: Complete written questions on Jumpstart website
Step 3: Interview with Jumpstart
Our programmes run throughout the year, so you can apply for programmes starting from April 2022.