June 2022 webinars for career professionals

The following webinars, taking place in June and hosted by a variety of organizations, will examine topics including post-COVID labour markets, career influencers and using Instagram to reach students.
Jobs and Skills in Transition to a Net-Zero Economy (The Diversity Institute and Future Skills Centre)
June 6
There is growing consensus supporting Canada’s transition to a net-zero emissions by 2050. However, there is less clarity around how we will get there or what the implications are for the labour force. This webinar will look at how to create skills policy that enables clean and resilient growth across a range of net-zero emissions futures, drawing on the recent report Jobs and Skills in Transition to a Net-Zero Economy.
Employability Skills and Career Readiness Frameworks and Tools in Context (BCCDA)
June 8
Learn more about using employability skills/career readiness competency frameworks and corresponding assessment tools to support the career development of learners and clients. During this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other and explore several tools and practices that can support student and client self-development. Exclusive to BCCDA members.
Labour markets post-COVID: Are we emerging greener and more inclusive? (OECD)
June 8
This panel will bring together labour ministers from OECD countries. The focus of the panel discussion will be on post-pandemic recovery plans and their potential to shape a recovery that is both green and inclusive. Ministers are invited to speak about the challenges and the actions that they have been taking to ensure that the green transition is successful and inclusive.
Building an ‘innovation’ mindset (Magnet)
June 9
By adapting a forward-thinking approach and using tools and frameworks such as design thinking and agile methodologies, organizations can create an ‘innovative’ mindset that drives stronger growth. Join leaders as they share their personal and organizational initiatives, experiences and learnings in supporting organizations, employees and jobseekers to build an innovation mindset.
Reach Your Students with Instagram (CICA)
June 9
Instagram is the No. 1 preferred social media platform for students and individuals aged 19-26. Career services centres can leverage Instagram to provide value to students, humanize their office and attract students to seek career services. This session will cover an overview of Instagram including the different aspects of IG, how to create a profile that converts and why IG works for business.
Parents and Guardians as Career Influencers (careerified)
June 14
Parents and guardians are the biggest influence when it comes to youth career decisions. This session is designed for the busy parent who wants the best possible career outcomes for their young-adult kids, and will break down common career myths.
How to Enhance Employee Engagement and Commitment (Harvard Business Review)
June 15
Resignations are at an all-time high and companies are desperate to attract and retain employees. However, their interventions are falling short. According to author and webinar presenter Marcus Buckingham, the real problem is that companies have designed jobs to be stressful, meaningless and unlovable. Leaders need to design work that people love.
Preparing for Career Health (CCPA)
June 21 & 28 
This two-part webinar series will cover the following:

Part 1: Attendees will reflect on their personal values and goals as they consider how to choose where they will work after graduation.
Part 2: Participants will consider how they can stay healthy, energized and centred throughout their career, including developing a personalized self-care plan.

Linking Career Theory to Practice (CDAA)
June 29
A panel of career specialists will discuss their work linking career theory to their career practice. Discussion will focus on the importance of contextualizing career theory to practice as well as the changing world of work, lifelong learning, career decision-making and development, and career guidance to the broader community.
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