May 2022 webinars for career professionals

The following webinars, taking place in May and hosted by a variety of organizations, will examine topics including values at work, using research in career development practice and a strengths-based approach to working with youth.
Fostering Cultural Competence in Workplaces During Post-pandemic Recovery (Manitoba Association for Career Development)
May 4
During this workshop, participants will be introduced to foundational concepts in the development of cultural competency, through an Indigenous lens, with a particular focus on Manitoba. They will take personal inventory of their cultural competency and apply an evaluation tool to their own workplace environment.
MACD is also hosting webinars in May on: Standing Out In a Connected, Post Pandemic Borderless Market; An Introduction to Understanding Trauma, Its Ongoing Impact, and Its Management to Assist in Working with Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma; and Skills to Build Positive Relationships and Improve Your Interactions with Your Clients.
LinkedIn/First Work Pilot – What’s Next? (OACM)
May 5 
From April 2021 to February 2022, LinkedIn Canada partnered with First Work and the Ontario Government to provide Ontarians and employment service organizations with access to LinkedIn’s technology and training to drive faster employment/re-employment and economic recovery. This presentation will discuss the outcome and what comes next.
How does higher vocational and professional tertiary education differ across countries (OECD)
May 5
Vocational and professional tertiary programs play a key role in helping many students transition into the labour market, but how do these programs differ across countries? This webinar will discuss the findings of the new OECD report, Pathways to professions: Understanding higher vocational and professional tertiary education systems.
Digital Identity, Social Media, and the Future of Background Screening (CPHR Manitoba)
May 10 
Major events over the past two years have spurred enormous change in the background screening industry, bringing social media screening, digital identity and portable credentials into clearer focus. This session addresses evolutions in Canadian screening programs.
Building a Bridge: How Employers and CDPs Can Collaborate to Address Workforce Needs in 2022 (CERIC)
May 10 & May 12
This free webinar series will highlight the realities of Canadian employers captured by CERIC’s new National Business Survey and compare them with the challenges faced by career and employment professionals. First, participants will get the chance to learn from a group of panelists about employers’ current realities. Participants will then hear insights from career development organizations working with a wide range of clients.
Culture by Design: How to Be Intentional About Living Values at Work (CharityVillage)
May 12
An organization’s values are the lens through which the vision and mission are formed, and how decisions are made. However, often the lived culture does not align with those values. This workshop will offer tips on how to better understand your workplace values and how those values might be aligned with your personal values.
Onboarding in 2022: What Has Changed, and What Remains Critically Important (Brandon Hall Group)
May 12
This webinar will explore current and future onboarding practices and their impact on talent and organizational development. Learn best practices and understand how to develop an optimized onboarding process with activities that are relevant to new hires in 2022 and beyond.
Assisting Hard of Hearing and Deaf People in Career Development (ASPECT BC)
May 12
Participants will gain information about the common challenges hard of hearing and deaf people face in accessing services and finding/sustaining work, and will gain practical strategies to both serve clients, help them find suitable work and assist them to develop natural supports on the job, if needed.
Leveraging Immigrant Talent in the Labour Force – Insight from Canadian Business Leaders (The Conference Board of Canada)
May 17
Immigrants fuel Canada’s labour force growth, and that will only increase in the coming years. In this webinar, business leaders discuss why and how companies benefit when they leverage immigrant talent.
Using Research for Evidence-informed Career Development Practice (CERIC)
May 18, 25 & June 1
Evidence-informed approaches can help career development practitioners (CDPs) adjust client practices to achieve superior outcomes, increase credibility in efforts to influence policy, and assist in obtaining or maintaining funding. This free, three-part webinar series, presented by Dr. Loleen Berdahl, introduces CDPs to the fundamentals of research. Attendees will learn foundational knowledge for engaging with research responsibly and how to develop strategies to effectively navigate the world of research, evidence and information to support their work.
Should career development be a chartered profession? (NICEC)
May 23
The idea that career development should be a chartered profession has surfaced. For the public, a chartered body is an indicator of high standards of competence, knowledge and ethical behaviour. This webinar series will present early research on this topic and look at the next stage of a study into the feasibility of chartered status for career development professionals
Introduction to Healing Centered Restorative Engagement (MENTOR National)
May 26
Healing Centered Restorative Engagement (HCRE) prioritizes a strengths-based approach to working with youth while recognizing the harmful and problematic impacts of trauma and toxic stress on their social, economic, political, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This webinar will share why this approach is critical to being proactive (rather than reactive) to individual trauma and why a healing focus is necessary to facilitate youth engagement.
Roles of the Job Developer, Assistive Tech Specialist and the Employer in Accommodation (Neil Squire)
May 31
Employers may be fearful that accommodating someone with a disability will be costly, that it will cause hardship to them and their other staff, and that the employee will become a burden. This webinar will highlight how the job developer, assistive tech specialist and the employer can work together to simplify the road to accommodation and how easy the process is with the needed supports in place.
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