Resources to support clients’ post-retirement return to work

Re-entering the workforce after retirement is a big decision with important personal and financial considerations. Here are resources that explore the labour environment and help connect older jobseekers with potential opportunities.
The context
These articles explore the experiences of older jobseekers, why people return to work after retirement, the impact of the pandemic and more.
Back to work: Recent retiree job hunting as pension, government benefits come up short (CBC)
Experts from the financial sector and retiree associations raise concerns as inflation impacts cost of living and quality of life of people entering retirement.
How the Pandemic Has Created New Demand for Older Workers (Harvard Business Review)
The pandemic has pulled nurses, physicians and computer coders from retirement. This article explores how this experience should help dispel negative stereotypes about workers who have left the workforce but want to return.
Ottawa founder of Top Sixty Over Sixty says turn to older adults to solve the labour shortage (CTV)
Helen Hirsh Spence was a former leader of an Ottawa school board and board chair of the Jane Goodall Institute. She shares the challenges she faced in retirement and what inspired her to help change attitudes in Canada’s employment scene.
The Big Pull: Going Back To Work After Retiring (Forbes)
An exploration of reasons why people go back to work and other options to explore in retirement. The article includes a short video with tips on how to build an encore career.
The Need for Employers to Recognize and Reduce Ageism (University of Toronto Press)
Author Ellie Berger’s book, Ageism at Work, explores first-hand accounts of older Canadian workers and employers’ attitudes. She discusses her findings in this blog post and provides suggestions for employers to reduce ageism.
Job boards and guidance
Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Older Unemployed Workers (COSTI) [Program]
Based in the Greater Toronto Area, COSTI’s Employment Services offers a program to help for workers aged 50 to 70 years old assess and pursue career options based on their skills and experience.
Government of Canada Job Bank [Job board]
In the “Advanced search” section, users can filter available roles near them by typing in their city or selecting their province or territory in the list. Older users can filter jobs by selecting “seniors” under the “Employment groups” subhead near the bottom of the page.
Looking for Work Post-Retirement (Good Times) [Article]
This article provides retired Canadians with three tips on where to look and how to find suitable jobs if they decide to return to work. [Service]
This employment services connects jobseekers in Quebec, who are over 50 years old or retired, with potential employers.
Working after retirement and the related costs (National Bank) [Article]
A list of five financial considerations before pursuing a new job or career after leaving the labour force.
Retirement pension and other potential benefits are factors that many consider before making their decision to rejoin the workforce. Guidance on this is available:

Resources for Mature Workers (Government of Alberta)
Returning to work (Ontario Pension Board)
Returning to work after retirement (BC Public Service Pension Plan)
Your return to work (Retraite Québec)
Working After Retirement (Government of Alberta)
Working while collecting a pension (Government of Canada)

A study on the status of senior entrepreneurship in Canada: Training implications for career counsellors (CareerWise)
A study by CERIC and the Centre for Elder Research at Sheridan explores gaps in knowledge about senior entrepreneurship in Canada by investigating the experiences, needs and interests of senior entrepreneurs.
It’s Time to Retire Ageism against Older Workers (University of Toronto Quarterly)
Understanding how policies can reverse negative stereotypes may help workplaces leverage intergenerational relationships to a gain competitive advantage. This study looks at the 2019 “pro-aging” campaign by the City of Toronto.
Older workers: Exploring and addressing the stereotypes (Government of Canada)
This research, which looked at international studies and a mix of industries and occupation groups, finds varying definitions of older workers and includes a range of approaches for measuring concepts that add to stereotypes.
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