Resources to support the career development of transgender people

While strides have been made toward inclusion and away from transphobia, transgender people still face discrimination in the workplace. In an article published in 2016, Human Resources Director Canada reported that almost a third of 433 transgender people surveyed thought they were turned down for a job because of their gender, while 18% were certain of it.
Even the act of navigating job search can be a source of stress. The following resources serve to help transgender people – and those who support them – approach their job search comfortably and confidently. These resources provide tips on addressing common worries, feeling more prepared and knowing your rights.
Career professionals supporting transgender jobseekers and students may also be interested in our article on “11 resources for supporting LGBTQ2+ clients’ career development.” This article was last updated in May 2022. 
5 interviewing tips for transgender and non-binary people (Indeed) [Article]
 This article from Indeed’s Career Guide shares interview tips on the following subjects:

Reinforcing your true name and pronouns
Practising interview questions to boost confidence
Choosing what to wear
Practising self-care
Knowing your rights

Indeed also has an article with job search tips for transgender and non-binary people, which explores deciding which name to include on a resume, setting expectations for pronouns, finding work outside of the LGBTQIA+ community and handling mistreatment in the workplace.
Affirmative Career Counselling with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients: A Social Justice Perspective [Study/Report]
This Canadian article was designed to help inform and support career counselling offered to members of the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) population. This article looks at the applicability of three specific career theories with TGNC clients and then proposes an affirmative career counselling model, along with recommendations for future research to help inspire social change.
Canada’s Best Diversity Employers [Competition/ranking]
Canada’s Best Diversity Employers is a competition that recognizes Canadian employers who have exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs, including programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/transsexual (LGBT) peoples. At the bottom of their main webpage, they offer an online tool for finding work opportunities  with some of these companies.
Career Development of Sexual and Gender Minority Persons Living With Disabilities [Study/Report]
 This study explores factors that affect the career development of sexual and gender minority persons living with disabilities. The study’s authors conducted interviews with 21 individuals living in the United States and primarily explored, among four other related categories, how these individuals approached their career development trajectory. The study also includes suggestions for career counselling. [Job board]
This company features opportunities with employers who offer fulfilling work experiences to LGBT jobseekers. The job browse section of the website provides jobseekers with the opportunity to filter their search by location, job type (for example, part-time or full-time) and category; to look at jobs using a map that illustrates the location of available job opportunities; and to browse a list of job postings. 
Jobs (Pride at Work Canada) [Job board]
This job board, hosted by Pride at Work Canada, features job postings and a job search tool. Pride at Work Canada helps Canadian employers build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation.
LGBTQ and Career Development (CERIC) [Literature search]
Updated in July 2020, this literature search provided by CERIC provides a multitude of resources that explore the subject of the career development of members of the LGBTQ2+ population.
Navigating gender identity and expression during a job search (Inside Higher Ed) [Article]
This article was written for job applicants, the people who support them, people who are transgender and people who are not. Lauren Easterling, the article’s author and a career-development specialist, educator and advocate on transgender issues, shares that she is a woman who is transgender and has experienced the challenges of searching for a job. In this article, she shares tips on how to care for yourself during the job search process, using your pronouns, performing well during an interview, choosing what to wear and being an authentic future employee.
Practical advice for transgender and nonbinary folks navigating the job search (The Muse) [Article]
With guidance from members of transgender and non-binary communities, this article provides seven tips to help improve the job search experience. The tips are designed to reduce triggers and help applicants feel more comfortable and prepared.
Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-binary Job Seekers (National Career Development Association) [Article]
This article provides guidance for people who support jobseekers who are transgender or gender non-binary. You’ll find answers to common questions a client may ask about their job search, tips for supporting transgender jobseekers and a list of resources that can help you provide support.
Trans and Nonbinary Youth (Egale) [Webinar]
This webinar is meant to help educators understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by trans and nonbinary students. Participants will learn about the latest research, as well as skills and practical tools to better support inclusion of trans and nonbinary students in the classroom. Check back for free webinar availability or book a private workshop.
Your Journey: A Career Guide for Trans and Nonbinary Students (University of Toronto) [Guide]
In consultation with members of transgender and non-binary communities, the University of Toronto has created a career guide designed to help support transgender and non-binary students as they apply for jobs. In addition to offering resources and tips for the job application process, the guide encourages students to consider their wants, needs and values and how these apply to their career. You can view the guide online or download a PDF version for free.
You can learn more about the development of this guide in an article published in the Winter 2021 issue of CERIC’s Careering magazine titled “Developing trans-inclusive career resources for students.”
Youth Entrepreneur Program (Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) [Program]
 This nationwide program was designed to support LGBT+ youth between the ages of 18 to 39 who own a registered business. Selected applicants have the opportunity to learn from mentors and leaders in the LGBT+ community who can help provide guidance as they grow their business. Applications are accepted on an annual basis, with the next application period opening in spring 2021.
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