Supporting student success in remote and hybrid internships

Co-op offices and post-secondary career services play a key role in connecting students with meaningful internships and setting them up for success, especially with the rise of remote and hybrid working environments. Here are resources to help students, employers and educational professionals make the most of today’s internship landscape.
5 tips for success in a remote internship environment (Dix & Eaton) [Blog]
Kayla Pretzer, an Account Executive at Dix & Eaton, shares her advice as someone who experienced one internship in three ways: in person, virtual and hybrid.
An Exploratory Guide for Hybrid Internships in Small Scale Arts Organisations (Artquest) [Report]
Artquest, a UK-based artistic learning community, commissioned research on existing models for hybrid internships. This report provides research context and a guide for small-scale arts organizations aiming to pursue hybrid internships.
Distant Existence: Virtual Internships and First Jobs (Inside Higher Ed) [Article]
An exploration of the benefits and challenges of virtual internships, student perceptions around fully remote internships and first jobs after graduation, and ideas for supporting students.
How to make the most of a virtual internship (Center for Career Development, Princeton University) [Guide]
Practical advice on goal setting, communication and time management, as well as a checklist for interns. This guide is one among others offering advice on common topics such as networking and interviews.
Interning in lockdown: lessons in adapting placements for the hybrid environment (Lancaster University) [Blog]
While within a UK context, this piece provides companies with recommendations for working with and training interns in a hybrid environment. It explores the challenges and benefits for students and employers from various industries.
Supporting Virtual Internships: Key Tips for Educational Representatives (Center For Research on College-Workforce Transitions) [Blog]
Advice from Debora Jeske, a work and organizational expert who has researched virtual internships for nearly 10 years. She shares recommendations from helping students get started, to making existing resources available, to educating and preparing potential internship providers.
Virtual work is here to stay. Here’s how colleges can help students land remote internships. (Higher Ed Dive) [Article]
This article discusses partnerships that post-secondary career services made to help students experience the benefits of internships despite the pandemic’s disruption.
Additional resources

Virtual, Hybrid or In-Person: The intern’s perspective… (LDP Connect) [Article]
Virtual internships were a learning curve — now the future is hybrid (Financial Times) [Article]
Wayfinder Tool [Tool]

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